Pokémon – Old Gateau

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With the return of Gourmet Gaming, I felt a return to the classics (in terms of both food and games) as a gentle ease in would be best. Pokémon recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity thanks to ‘Twitch Plays Pokémon’ where gamers set aside their differences and took part in some (mostly) jolly co-operation in a bid to become Pokémon master. When it came to the Old Gateau, I decided to base the recipe on the traditional Japanese treat of Uirō, which is rather similar to Mochi in texture and taste. I decided only a sweet from the Edo period could have survived so long in the Old Chateau. I like to think maybe it’s the final tasty evolution of a Gengar…

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A little table to how to get rid of all that negative self-talk. We have to learn look at the good in situations too, instead of dwelling on things we can’t change- because you know what? We may not be able to change what is happening but we CAN change how we view it! 

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Dear Tumblr,

I just got around to seeing this movie, despite the fact that it did not get a wide-release.

Find it and watch it.

Believe me when I say, this film is in the same league of sci-fi/speculative film classics as Bladerunner and Children of Men.



Should have a HUGE fandom.

It deals with issues like class, caste-systems, oppression, and the nature of humanity in a way mainstream films like The Hunger Games never could.

Let me tell you a story about the film-maker Joon-Ho Bong. Some years back, I had the privilege of attending a screening of one his films and the man happened to be there. At that time, he’d already gotten some notice for making The Host, another awesome film that allegorizes heavy issues in humanity.

So, he does the q&a at the end and someone asks him why he’s never produced a Hollywood movie.

…And he says, paraphrasing; that Hollywood would never let him make the kind of movies he’d like.  He’d have to hire an all-white cast and the actors would have to fit a certain aesthetic. They couldn’t be non-white, older than twenty-five, or non-thin…especially actresses.

He said, it’s not worth selling out, when he can make the kinds of movies he wants in South Korea.

…And then he makes this.

I’d love to spoil it for you, but suffice it say it was, as all good speculative sci-fi is, very effecting for me.


And if you need more convincing??

Your faves are in it:  Octavia Spencer aka the above flawless actress in the poster, Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, John Hurt, Ed Harris and the father/daughter pair from The Host, Kang-So Hung and Ah-Sung Ko (which had me thinking AU!).

Now, I shall commence spamming my tumblr with Snowpiercer reblogs…

Apologies ahead of time.

mmm the host was great i’d love to see this.


Snowpiercer has been on my radar for a little while now, and I do hope to catch it when it comes out, limited release or not. The Host was a really fun film.

Here’s to adding Snowpiercer on other people’s radar.


(trivia: the movie is based on a french graphic novel called “Transperceneige”)

and just to add one more trivia about this movie- it was originally scheduled to be released much much earlier, but that would’ve meant the movie would lose nearly 20 minutes of footage(X). The director fought tooth and nail to retain the movie as it was released in Korea, and although the agreement has been reached not to delete whooping 20 minutes(X), it also means the movie may not get the wide US release(X). So. yeah. Still crossing my finger, but thanks Weinstein and co -_-. 

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Had my first counseling. She said my awareness and openness to discussion was refreshing and can only help me in the long run. She also praised me on my apparent own self sufficiency and coping, which I never really realized I did until recently

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New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6

There are no words to express how excited I am for season 2!!!!!

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Well, aren’t you just the littlest heartache. 

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"Princess Diancie" 

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Someone should check on Flo

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White People: - “Black people are always pulling the race card!”

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Not gonna lie, I feel like this commercial was promoting becoming a member of Team Rocket more than becoming a trainer.

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wine tastes so bad. I’m convinced the whole world is in on an inside joke together trying to persuade me that wine tastes good to them. there’s no way any one can like the taste of it. it’s like bug spray. the whole frickin world pretends to like bug spray. I don’t understand why. stop the madness

wine is an acquired taste. if you don’t like it, acquire some taste

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